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CSO Technik Partner with BGU

Monday, October 22, 2012 by CSO Technik

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CSO Technik Ltd and BGU Umweltschutzanlagen GmbH have agreed a collaborative partnership that will see CSO appointed as the sole UK distributors for the BGU range of flow regulators and other CSO related equipment, while BGU will be responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of CSO's Pump Action Screen in Germany and Luxembourg.

The BGU range of flow regulators are the most technically advanced range of flow regulators now available in the UK, and have the capability of controlling combined storm water flows down to one l/s.

All of BGU's regulators are fully tested, prior to shipment, at BGU's onsite test facility in Bretzfeld, Germany, and come with a guaranteed accuracy performance far greater than those previously distributed by CSO Technik.

BGU also manufacture a wide range of other CSO related equipment including CSO screens and flushing systems, but probably the most innovative product is the Tipping Weir which is designed to maximise the storage capacity in existing storm tanks through raising the weir without increasing upstream head.

The product provides increased storage capacity at minimal costs, and without the need for expensive and time consuming civil works.

BGU have been manufacturing CSO equipment, in the Schwaben region, for 30 years and their product range has an established reputation for high quality engineering and accuracy.

Under the arrangement BGU will be marketing, distributing, installing and eventually manufacturing CSO's Pump Action screen (PAS) in Germany and Luxembourg, where more than 5O PAS screens are already operational.

For further information please contact Frank Evans, product manager - wastewater equipment.