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McBerns has a solid 23-year track record of design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance in the water and wastewater sector, as well as the construction, mining and industrial sectors.

Our products have been developed and expanded over time through consultation and close working partnerships with our customers. The AutoWellWasherâ„¢ and the four-sided void protection covers are two examples of our innovative approach to solving water industry challenges. As such, we have gained a strong industry reputation for quality products, services and technical advice.

Our emphasis is on providing odour management solutions, improving workplace health and safety (WH&S), and improving maintenance techniques.

Odour control filters for treating biogases

McBerns odour filters are designed and manufactured in Australia and distributed worldwide. The odour filter range has comprehensive sizes and capacities to tackle almost any odour problem. McBerns odour filters don't mask odours; they adsorb and treat biogases, particularly H2S.

The secret to the filters' success is our uniquely formulated mixed media cartridges, which work with activated carbon media to produce a continuous treatment process. H2S gases and other noxious compounds undergo their initial treatment passing through the activated carbon. The final treatment is carried out by the McBerns mixed media cartridges. The result is that only clean air is released back into the atmosphere.

Tackling odour emissions on pump stations, sewer lines and overflow tanks

Over time we have collected extensive odour logging data, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our odour filters. They are a fast solution for tackling odour emissions on vent stacks, pump stations, air valves, receiving manholes, sewer lines, holding tanks and overflow tanks.

Our filters are robustly constructed to suit the harsh environments where they are employed. They come in varying sizes and can be easily adapted to suit individual sites.

Vent odour filters for small domestic treatment systems

We offer vent odour filters in a range of sizes, including VF50mm (domestic), VF100mm, VF150mm and VF300mm, used in domestic or commercial situations with low, medium or high airflow rates and odours.

They are ideal for small domestic treatment systems or septic systems and grease traps, and are commonly used on vent stacks, pump stations and buildings, sewer lines, overflow tanks and holding tanks or confined spaces, where odours are a problem.

Replacement McBerns media cartridges and wind-assisted fans are available for the VF100, VF150 and VF300.

Large odour filters for commercial applications

The GM-Series and ZC-Series odour filters are used throughout sewerage systems and in commercial situations where there are high H2S levels and airflow rates.

Larger filters combine two filtration treatments; the first is a scrubber using activated carbon, followed by a series of McBerns media cartridges to finish the cleansing process.

Ground mount filters for receiving manholes, pump stations and small air valves

The GM-Series is designed to be used on receiving manholes, pump stations, small air valves and rising mains. These filters are increasingly used to replace old corroded vent poles; they are mounted at ground level, which allows for easy servicing and monitoring, improving WH&S.

GM300 has a treating capacity up to 20l/s and GM375 has a treating capacity of 20l/s-40l/s. Both ground mount filters are static, standalone units and no power or water is required for operation.

Replacement McBerns media cartridges are available when the filter becomes saturated.

Odour control units for industrial applications

McBerns designs and manufactures odour control units for industrial-sized odour problems. The ZC-Series treats H2S and other odorous gases in wastewater collection systems and small sewerage treatment plants. They are suitable for use on rising mains, manholes, pump stations, air valves and packaged treatment systems, as well as at industrial sites and food processing facilities.

ZC200 has a treating flow capacity up to 75l/s. The ZC200 drum odour unit is a rechargeable modular drum. The drum scrubber can operate as a passive unit or with a wind-assisted or three-phase EXE electric fan.

ZC300 has a treating flow capacity up to 100l/s. Standard installation is static with no power required. For extraction, a wind driven ventilator or a three-phase EXE electric fan can be added.

ZC1200 has a treating flow capacity up to 200l/s and is capable of capturing large gas surges that occur with high-volume sewage flows. Standard installation is static with no power required. For extra extraction, a wind driven ventilator or a three-phase EXE electric fan can be fitted.

ZC4000 has a treating flow capacity exceeding 200l/s. The ZC4000 is suitable for much larger applications in the municipal wastewater, mining, commercial and industrial sectors.

The ZC-Series consists of compact and robust units, aesthetically designed to blend into the surrounding environment. Replacement McBerns media cartridges and activated carbon are available when the filter becomes saturated.

Odour control units for tough, persistent odour problems

McBerns odour filters are the perfect solution for tough, persistent odour problems. ZC-Series filters fill a niche area in the elimination of odours, which would otherwise require the installation of a much larger and more costly system.

For their size and cost, they are more effective and economical than other units in the marketplace, and are gaining a creditable reputation for eliminating odours.

Aluminium sealed safety access covers

McBerns aluminium safety covers/lids are setting new standards in void protection safety and are being specified in pump station designs by many Australian/New Zealand water authorities and consulting engineers.

Used extensively in the water and wastewater industry for pump stations, valve pits, sewerage treatment plants and water reservoirs, they are also used in the mining and construction industries, where void protection is a serious safety issue. Our innovative design has significantly improved WH&S for work crews.

Strong, light-weight safety covers/lids

We are now producing our own exclusive frame extrusion for manufacturing safety covers/lids, which makes them structurally stronger, reduces weld failures and streamlines production.

We construct using robust light-weight marine-grade aluminium alloy, with 316 stainless-steel fittings. We strive to keep the individual lid lift weight less than 20kg.

Hinged safety grates within lids for safe access

McBerns safety covers are custom-made to suit all installation requirements. Our main safety feature is the hinged safety grate, which has been incorporated within the framework of the lid. With a few simple steps, you can have a complete four-sided safety grate erected, giving greater protection for work crews at an open void/pit. It allows safe access into the pump station void to carry out maintenance and for major works the front grate can be completely removed to provide greater access if required.

Standard features for improved safety of work crews

Other safety features incorporated as standard in all our models include the rubber seal, which stops odour getting out and water getting in during heavy rain events, flush mount hinges and rounded lid edges, which reduce trip hazards. All our lids can be integrated into new infrastructure designs or be retrofitted into existing sites.

Australian standards for workplace health and safety

McBerns has the following certifications:

  • Quality assurance certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental management ISO: 14001:2004
  • Access covers and grates AS 3996-2006
  • Occupational health and safety AS/NZS 4801: 2001
  • Fixed platforms and walkways AS1657-1992 clause, AS1657-1992 App B, AS1657-1992 App C
  • Welding of aluminium AS/NZS 1665:2004
  • Static load test AS 3996 Class A, AS 3996 Class B
  • Anti-slip test AS 4586, Rating P4 (W)

Automatic washing device for cleaning sewerage pump stations

The McBerns AutoWellWasher was created to reduce corrosion of the pump station infrastructure and reduce confined space entries. Manual cleaning is one of the most dangerous maintenance tasks that work crews perform.

AutoWellWasher is a patented automatic washing device used to keep sewerage pump stations clean and free of fat/grease, using only water. This means there are no chemicals, no dosing and a significant reduction in confined space entries.

The device can be integrated into the pump cycle programme through the electronic circuitry or telemetry. There is no power needed, just water, using either mains pressure potable water or treated effluent.

The benefits of installing an AutoWellWasher include:

  • Keeps your pump station clean, using fewer than 100l/22 gallons of water per 24h cycle
  • No more manual cleaning and reduction in confined space entries
  • Reduces infrastructure corrosion
  • Cleaner environment within the pump station, which reduces odours and sulphides
  • Improved sewerage network efficiencies, which reduces maintenance costs
  • No more level sensor failures or blockages
  • Reduces customer complaints

Commitment to customers in the water and wastewater sector

More than 23 years in this business demonstrates McBerns' long-term commitment and willingness to adapt and change with the needs of our clients and industry.

We are proud to be part of this important sector and will continue to develop innovative products and strive to provide best-quality products and service to all our customers.

McBerns supports industry associations and is a member of Water Industry Operations Australia, Australian Water Association, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia and the Australia Corrosion Association bodies.

Supplying clients Australia-wide and in the UK, US, NZ and Asia, we have had our policies and procedures certified to conform to the standards required by government authorities: ISO9001: 2008(QA), AS/NZS 4801: 2001(OHS), ISO 1400: 2004 (EMS), AS/NZS 166S: 2004.

We have our quality management systems compliance certificate, CN: AS/NZ-173, issued by DAS Certification UK. Please visit our website for more detailed information about any of these products.

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