APATEQ trials produced water treatment system in North America

Luxembourg-based water treatment company APATEQ is bringing its OilPaq separation system to North America for a six-month programme of produced water treatment.

The activity will be on-site and on-demand, beginning in September in Texas and Kansas oil and gas fields and ending in the spring of 2015 in Alberta, Canada.

The company aims to show the low operational costs and long-term value of its proprietary membrane treatment technology to the North American market.

Beginning its operations with the construction of wastewater treatment plants, APATEQ has now broadened its business. In early 2014, the company shipped one of its initial produced water treatment system assemblies to a large European customer. Now, an upgraded wastewater treatment plant is being assembled and will be shipped by the end of August to North America. This version is capable of treating different types of wastewater, and the effluent produced can be reused by introducing it back into wells, boreholes or irrigation canals.

The produced water will be treated directly at the oil well by the pilot plant, built under ATEX specifications. This greatly reduces storage and water transportation costs, and also allows recycling of the treated water, which is essential as the prerequisite for oil and gas extraction is millions of gallons of fresh water.

APATEQ's proprietary membrane technology can separate emulsified oil without using any additional chemicals. The utilised membranes have a very long life as a result of the proprietary process. The separated oil can be safely used after processing in refineries.

The company's oil-water separation plant possesses a very low specific energy consumption and the operational costs per barrel comes to only $0.50, a miniscule fraction of conventional treatment costs in the present market.