GE introduces new filtration technology

ZeeWeed 1000

GE has introduced new filtration technology capable of seawater pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

GE's ZeeWeed 1000 and ZeeWeed 1500 hollow-fibre membranes provide a reduced plant footprint and lower installation cost compared to earlier ZeeWeed products.

They will improve performance through energy savings and increased seawater reverse osmosis membrane life compared to conventional technologies.

ZeeWeed 1000 can be applied in direct filtration, coagulation, tertiary filtration, multi-media filter retrofits, and pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

The ZeeWeed 1500 membrane is ideal for drinking water treatment, tertiary filtration and pretreatment applications for brackish water and seawater desalination.

GE Power & Water engineered systems for water and process technologies general manager Yuvbir Singh said: "GE offers a wide range of products for the desalination industry, and these new technological advancements to our ZeeWeed family work in tandem to maintain a highly efficient water treatment process."

GE's immersed ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration membranes can be used for larger treatment systems where the footprint, energy and chemical savings are significant. The immersed design will align with dissolved air flotation technology and directly couples to seawater reverse osmosis.

ZeeWeed membranes are used for drinking water, wastewater, tertiary and water reuse applications and industrial feedwater.

Image: GE ZeeWeed 1000 hollow-fiber membrane. Photo: courtesy of GE.