Hong Kong Awards Victoria Harbour Sewage Contract

The Drainage Services Department of Hong Kong has awarded a HK$625m ($80m) contract to improve Victoria Harbour's water quality.

The project includes upgrading the preliminary sewage treatment facilities at North Point, Wan Chai East and Central Hong Kong Island. The upgrades are scheduled for completion by 2014.

The contract, which was awarded under Hong Kong's Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A, includes upgrading inlet sewage pumps, fine-screen and grit-removal systems, and enhancing the deodorisation systems.

Stage 2A will also treat sewage generated from the northern and south-western parts of Hong Kong Island, and the construction of 21km of sewage tunnels.

Expansion and upgrades will be carried out at Stonecutters Island's sewage and related preliminary treatment works.

The first stage of the project, which began in 2001, treats 75% of the sewage discharged into the harbour, while Stage 2A is expected to treat the remaining 25%, according to english.cri.cn.