American Water Charitable Foundation to support NGA Water Policy Network

American Water’s nonprofit arm, the American Water Charitable Foundation has partnered with National Governors Association Centers for Best Practices (NGA Center) Water Policy Learning Network to create a platform to share strategies and best practices on the responsible management of water resources.

The partnership will feature an annual Water Policy Institute that will place emphasis on best practices from states on various issues, quarterly webinars and state retreats where designated cross-agency teams will develop policy strategies.

American Water Charitable Foundation board chairman Aldie Warnock said: “As leaders committed to a reliable water future we must work collaboratively to tackle the challenges facing our nation’s water supply.

“Whether it’s looking at ways to address an aging infrastructure or sharing information about water quality, this new programme will provide valuable insights.”

American Water Charitable Foundation president Darlene Williams said: “The Water Policy Network is a unique three-year programme aligned with our vision of providing support and funding for strategic initiatives that advance our commitment to clean water, conservation, education, and community sustainability.

NGA is a public policy organisation whose members are the governors of the states, territories and commonwealths.

NGA executive director and CEO Scott Pattison said: “We are thrilled that Governor Edmund Brown and Governor Larry Hogan are co-chairing the Water Policy Learning Network.

“Both California and Maryland are recognised leaders in water quality and conservation policy.”