Aqua Illinois to invest in water improvements

Aqua Illinois has announced $30.1m in capital investment to improve and repair drinking water and wastewater systems in communities throughout Illinois.

Projects include water main and meter replacements, treatment plant improvements, and other infrastructure projects. Of the total amount, $1.5m will be used to install new water mains, fire hydrants, and water services associated with the Illinois State Route 17 road reconstruction project.

The company will spend $8.6m in water main replacements and system reinforcements in Kankakee County and will improve Aqua's Kankakee water treatment plant by investing $2m. Additionally, $6.6m will be spent to construct a new water main between the villages of Bourbonnais and Manteno along Illinois State Route 45 in bolstering the water distribution system grid in northern Kankakee County as well as for improvements surrounding the I-57 interchange project.

It will spend $2.6m in Qualifying Infrastructure Plant Surcharge Program (QIP) improvements to reduce inflow and infiltration in the wastewater collection system and replace manholes to improve conveyance of wastewater to treatment facilities in Aqua's Ellwood Greens, Candlewick, Willowbrook, and University Park divisions.

Approximately $2m will be invested in QIP improvements to upgrade and replace water mains, fire hydrants, main valves, and customer service lines to ensure reliable water service and improve system pressure and flow in Aqua's Oak Run, Willowbrook, Candlewick, Fairhaven, and University Park Divisions.

Aqua Illinois president Terry Rakocy said: "Aqua's capital program is consistent with the type of improvements that the federal government says is required of the country's aging drinking water and wastewater systems."