Axine receives government funding to treat toxic wastewater in Canada

Canadian cleantech company Axine Water Technologies has received $1m in funding from the Government of Canada’s western innovation (WINN) initiative to incorporate its technology for the treatment of toxic wastewater.

Axine will use the government funding to deploy its electrochemical oxidation technology to treat toxic wastewater in the various pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, chemical manufacturing and other water-intensive customer sites.

Axine Water chief executive officer Jonathan Rhone said: “We are very pleased to collaborate with the Government of Canada.

“This funding will help finance the deployment of our 'made-in-Canada' technology under multi-year wastewater-as-a-service agreements with multinational customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, and microelectronics industries.

“This will enable our customers to lower their operating costs and eliminate the practice of trucking wastewater off-site for disposal without spending their own capital.”

Axine Water Technologies is one of the 12 companies highlighted by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains in the government’s current $14.8m announcement of funding.

Bains said: “Canadian companies are working hard to bring their innovative products and services to market.

“The Government of Canada is proud to support Axine Water in developing new clean technology solutions for customers worldwide.

“Clean tech organisations like Axine Water are promoting economic growth, creating high-quality jobs for Canadians, and furthering Canada's innovation landscape.”

The WINN initiative offers $100m in repayable contributions to both small and medium-sized enterprises across Western Canada.

Axine Water Technologies develops low cost, chemical-free solutions that are used in treating ammonia and toxic organics in industrial wastewater.