Axine Water Technologies to install wastewater system in California plant

Axine Water Technologies, a wastewater treatment company, has entered into an agreement with a supplier of computer storage technologies and solutions company for providing wastewater services.

As per the multi-year contract, Axine will install, and service  the wastewater system at the client’s facility in California.

The Axine system electrochemically treats wastewater contaminated with organic solvents.

With this agreement, the client expects to find a two pronged solution. The first is to treat the wastewater so that it can be reused. The second solution is to eliminate the transport and disposal of hazardous wastewater at remote locations.

These solutions will ensure greater compliance with environmental norms, and reduce the cost burden associated with the disposal of wastewater. 

This deal comes following testing of Axine’s sytems for months.

The system will become operational in the second quarter of this year.

 Axine CEO Jonathan Rhone said: “This project is a great example of how Axine can address wastewater pain points and create value for customers.

 “We’re seeing demand for our solutions from customers across the electronics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

“They’re looking for new solutions that can cost-effectively treat wastewater containing toxic organics or ammonia to lower costs and risks, and simplify operations.”

Axine’s solutions include electrochemical technology into existing treatment plants without disrupting operations.