BioShaft Water Technology to ship four Standard Containerized Systems

BioShaft Water Technology will ship four Standard Containerized Systems this month.

Last month, it shipped its first two from a total of 14 systems.

By 25 June, it will ship four systems, two by 9 July, two by 23 July, two by 6 August, and the last two by 20 August.

The company stated that with present production setup, it has potential to ship another 20 systems before the end of 2016.

The first six units will go to a fast track project in Isfan Industrial City located near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The project will have total capacity 264,000 gallons per day and was awarded to distributor Altaaqa Alternative Solutions.

A Zahid group company, Altaaqa is established in 2007.

Providing caterpillar generators for Volvo and Renault trucks agencies in Saudi Arabia, it has developed a concept to integrating power, water, and waste water to independently serve communities and small districts isolated from municipal networks.

Altaaqa's managing director Emad Mukhalalaty said: "BioShaft's unique technology and Modular scalable system have proven to be of most practical design in many applications especially when waste water volumes are not predictable."

BioShaft manufactures patented and proprietary wastewater treatment systems.

The company claims that its plants require less than half the footprint, generate four times less sludge volume, consume less power and provide far better odor control than other plants.