Calgon Carbon wins contract to remove 1,2,3-TCP from groundwater in California

US-based Calgon Carbon and RC Foster have signed a system supply contract under which the former will provide granular activated carbon (GAC) and associated equipment systems to remove 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) from groundwater in the city of Chino, California.

Under the terms of the $2.3m contract, Calgon Carbon will supply a total of 16 GAC adsorption vessels and 320,000 pounds of Filtrasorb 400 GAC to the Benson Treatment Plant and the Eastside Treatment Plant.

The systems are capable of treating up to five million gallons of water per day at each site.

GAC uses the process known as adsorption to remove 1,2,3-TCP from water.

Calgon Carbon Core Carbon and Services Division executive vice-president James Coccagno said: “Calgon Carbon is excited to be part of a solution that will provide so many public water systems with safe drinking water.

“With 1,2,3-TCP detected in many groundwater sources in California, it’s reassuring to know that the City of Chino has taken proactive steps to remedy the problem in their area.”

The manmade, colourless, chlorinated hydrocarbon that was found in soil fumigants commonly used in California 1,2,3-TCP causes cancer in laboratory animals.

The California State Water Resources Control Board proposed a draft maximum contaminant level (MCL) for 1,2,3-TCP of five parts per trillion in March this year, and the State Water Board adopted the proposed regulations in July.

RC Foster president and CEO Robert Foster said: “With the installation of GAC adsorption systems, our client, the City of Chino, intends to be fully prepared to meet the new MCL.

“Protecting the customers’ health is the City’s highest priority and we are pleased to partner with Calgon Carbon, a leader in activated carbon treatment technologies and contaminant removal.”