Canada, Saskatchewan to invest in modern wastewater services

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are planning to invest in public infrastructure to provide modern wastewater services to Canadians.

Each government is contributing up to $2.16m towards the project, with the Town of Pilot Butte responsible for all remaining costs. 

The total estimated cost of this project is $6.53m.

The wastewater services are expected to mitigate potential damage from severe storms and other natural hazards and protect provincial waterways and preserve local ecosystems.

Funding provided by the governments will be used to upgrade and expand Pilot Butte’s wastewater treatment facilities and storm water management systems.

Pilot Butte Mayor Peggy Chorney said: “Without the support of other levels of government, projects like these would be challenging to complete on our own. 

“Our town’s wastewater project will enable us to continue to build a sustainable community that meets the needs of our residents now and into the future.”

The wastewater plant upgrades include new pumping and pipeline infrastructure, expansion and upgrade of the existing lagoon, and the addition of effluent disinfection equipment. 

Another infrastructure work underway in Pilot Butte includes the construction of storm water drainage infrastructure on Arbor Street and the surrounding area. 

Upon completion, the work will control erosion, prevent flooding and reduce the burden on the sanitary sewer system. 

Once completed, the projects are set to increase the sustainability of the town.