Canature unveils automated RO membranes and pressure tanks

Water treatment products manufacturer Canature Environmental Products has unveiled its new RO membranes and pressure tanks.

Canature launched advanced fully automatic production robot from Germany to produce high quality pressure tanks and also introduced completely automatic RO membrane rolling production line from South Korea to produce residential RO membranes.

It is expected that the use of automatic system will enable the firm to offer quality products and boost production efficiency, as well as decrease the cost due to cut down in labour work.

The firm can achieve production capacity to 1 million pcs pressure tanks per year and 3 million pcs RO membranes in one year, with the completion of these two automatic production lines.

Its long-term target includes 10 million pcs RO membranes and cartridges.

Founded in 2001 by Qu Jianguo in China, Shanghai-based Canature Environmental Products manufactures water treatment systems and components.
Canature owns a 73,300m2 plant, R&D centre and manufacturing facilities, in addition to 100 patented technologies.

With more than 1,000 employees, the firm focuses on providing residential and commercial water treatment products.

Its plant manufactures softeners, filters, commercial drinking water systems, multi-port control valves, pressure tanks, brine tanks, brine wells and brine valves.