Casan seeks pre-qualifying bids for sanitation and sewerage project in Brazil

Casan plans to build sewerage system in the municipality of Balneário Barra do Sul.

Brazil's Santa Catarina state water company Casan has sought pre-qualifying bids from companies for the first phase of the BRL404m ($198m) sanitation and sewerage programme in two coastal municipalities.

Companies or two-party consortiums will be eligible for the price bidding, which will take place after the pre-qualification process is over.

To pre-qualify for bidding, interested companies should have executed similar construction projects worth a minimum of BRL10m ($5m) and a proof of carrying a capital of BRL8.5m ($4.1m).

Under the first phase of the project, the winning company will have to construct sewerage systems in municipalities of Piçarras and Balneário Barra do Sul in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, according to Business News Americas.

In the Piçarras municipality, work will include installing 44km of wastewater pipelines, setting up five pumping stations and constructing a treatment plant.

The winning company will also have to provide 3,398 sewer system connections in the area.

Work at the Balneário Barra do Sul municipality will involve laying 60km of water pipeline, deploying ten pumping stations and building a treatment plant, in addition to providing 5,753 sewer system connections.

The sewerage system work is expected to cost BRL85m ($41.4m) and take 28 months to complete.

Funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency, the sanitation and sewerage programme also includes sanitation work at a cost of about BRL323m ($157.6m) for the state capital Florianópolis and for the town of Bombinhas.

The tenders for these municipalities are expected in the second half of 2013.

Image: Casan plans to build sewerage system in the municipality of Balneário Barra do Sul. Photo: courtesy of Elvis Pfutzenreuter.