Cerafiltec introduces ceramic filtration module for water projects

Water filtration solutions manufacturer Cerafiltec has launched a new filtration module designed to address water challenges.

The new module is moulded from SABIC’s NORYL glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE) resin, which provides hydrolytic and dimensional stability as well as offer chemical and high-temperature resistance.

With the inclusion of NORYL resin, Cerafiltec designed water filtration units that can be stacked into towers and assembled in a wide variety of configurations depending upon the volume of water to be filtered, space constraints and other factors.

Cerafiltec chief executive officer Kay Gunther Gabriel said: “Prior to collaborating with SABIC and utilising its innovative NORYL resin, we were repeatedly told that our vision of an all-plastic water filtration module was impossible.

“But SABIC understood and shared our vision, and helped make this possible. During material validation, application development and mould trials, SABIC provided comprehensive documentation, data and technical support regarding its material to our team.

“Its assistance enabled us to inaugurate a new module production facility in Germany in less than a year.”

The company claims that its new module securely houses multiple high-performance silicon carbide (SiC) flat sheet membranes to filter water sources such as seawater, freshwater, industrial wastewater and even hot water.

The new filtration modules are already deployed for water projects worldwide that include a sewage treatment facility in Taiwan, a groundwater filtration operation in Jordan and wastewater filtration at a food manufacturing plant in Dubai.

Image: Cerafiltec filtration module red. Photo: courtesy of SABIC.