CST Wastewater introduces new wastewater treatment system in Australia


CST Wastewater Solutions has introduced a membrane biological reactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system in Australia for remote resources, construction and tourism sites.

Developed by Smith & Loveless, the new system known as TITAN MBRQUBE features a standard HC (40-foot high cube) container and is pre-assembled in factory.

CST Wastewater Solutions managing director Mike Bambridge said the system is a plug-and-play unit that needs only a flat pad to sit on and connections to water and electricity supplies to run.

"It is a robust and efficient low-maintenance system proven in diverse industrial and municipal applications where strong environmental performance is mandatory," Bambridge added.

The company said that the system's flat-plate membrane design ensures less wear and tear than hollow-fibre types and can easily be cleaned.

According to the company, air scouring in the system will prevent fouling and removes the need for back-pulsing pumping equipment.

"The technology is custom-engineered for situations such as those encountered by mining, oil and gas and remote infrastructure construction sites, which require strong ongoing protection of shared community water resources through a stand-alone system that doesn't require complicated ongoing operating skills and knowledge," Bambridge said.

The system features all wiring, piping, valves, cleaning in place (CIP) equipment, screening, air conditioning and remote view PLC operation.

The system will use gravity pressure to drive water flow through its membranes and clean water discharges into a clearwell, while blocked solids will remain suspended in the aeration zone.

Diffusers below the module provides air supply to the bacteria and scour the membranes, which will then remove clogging problems experienced in hollow-fibre designs, said the company.

The highly durable membrane features PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) as well as non-woven polyester fabric.

Image: CST Wastewater Solutions has introduced a membrane biological reactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system in Australia. Photo: courtesy of CST Wastewater Solutions.