Ethiopia inaugurates Harar water supply and sanitation project


The city of Harar in Ethiopia has officially opened its new water supply and sanitation project, which was funded by the African Development Bank with $33m.

The project was designed to address the looming water and sanitation crisis in Harar and other towns serviced by it.

The system sources water from groundwater sources near the town of Dire Dawa, situated 75km away from the city.

Four pumping stations were built using electro-mechanical equipment to pump the water over 1,000m from the source to its point of use.

African Development Bank vice president for country and regional programmes and policy said, "The water you are getting is coming from some considerable distance, and over difficult terrain."

The design of the project included improvements to the distribution system, an institutional capacity building for Harar Water and Sewerage Authority and a sanitation study.

The towns of Adelle, Aweday Dengego and Haromaya and the city of Harar will receive adequate water from the project, benefitting 250,000 people in total.

The African Development Bank approved funds for the construction of the project in September 2002.

Image: The Harar water supply and sanitation project in Ethiopia is now operational, benefitting about 250,000 people.Photo: African Development Bank.