EURid backs Borehole Rehabilitation project in Uganda

Not-for-profit organisation EURid is backing the Borehole Rehabilitation project in Uganda in a bid to offer clean drinkable water to people.

Several Sub-Saharan African rural communities are struggling to find safe drinking water.

The rehabilitation project is aimed at improving this situation by working with Ugandan communities to repair broken boreholes and restore access to clean and safe drinking water.

The project is also beneficial to families that no longer have to travel great distances to attain water or boil the water to eradicate contaminants.

EURid external relations manager Giovanni Seppia said: “The project primarily affects the Northern region of Uganda, an area that was subject to much conflict due to a tumultuous political situation some time ago.

“This has led to high levels of poverty and a lack of investment in both necessary and basic infrastructure, like access to clean water. As an organisation, we want to support the people of Uganda by providing access to one of life’s fundamental resources.”

Water drawn from rivers is expected to potentially contain lethal contaminants and must be boiled before ingestion.

The latest project has been conducted under the strict guidelines, validation process and annual auditing of The Gold Standard.