Evoqua launches J-Press 630 system for water treatment

Evoqua Water Technologies has unveiled the new fully manual J-Press 630 system.

Sized at 630mm, the new filter press is claimed to be an improvement over its existing line of the J-Press family of filter presses and comes with upgrade options that provide automatic functionality.

According to the company, the ergonomic design of the J-Press 630 MM system makes the manual dewatering process user-friendly, easier to operate and simple to maintain, as well as durable.

Features of the new system include a two-phase hydraulic pump system, which allows easier handling and besides maintaining pressure.

The press opening system is a swing arm, which enables secure movement of a spacer out of the operator‘s way.

Besides, the system contains reduced pinchpoints to maintain operator‘s safety.

Evoqua designed the filter press to address the growing need of small- to medium-throughput dewatering processes that require occasional, manual cake disposal.

Towards the disposal of filter cake, which is a deposit of insoluble material left on a filter, the company offers multiple material handling equipment including dumpsters, pump skids and platforms.

Dumpsters are used to hold filter cakes for disposal, while pump skids are used to pump slurry.

Evoqua designs and builds the platforms on which the presses are installed.

The company offers wastewater treatment services for industries and municipalities, clean water for reuse and recycling, process water treatment for industry, in addition to water disinfection services.

Through its treatment systems and services, it seeks to ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance.