GE installs advanced wastewater treatment technology at Utah’s membrane bioreactor facility

US-based GE has installed its advanced wastewater treatment technology at the largest membrane bioreactor (MBR) facility in Utah, US.

GE's ZeeWeed 500 ultrafiltration membranes have been installed in the process building of Jordan Basin Water Reclamation facility (JBWRF), which is a modern MBR wastewater treatment facility in the South Valley sewer district.

The new technology will provide wastewater treatment to meet the existing regulatory effluent discharge requirements.

As part of the treatment process, the membrane filtration system will separate the clean water from the solids in the wastewater.

The process also includes various pumping systems, filtration processes and high-speed turbo-blowers that provide the air required to operate the membrane filtration system.

The JBWRF has chosen GE's MBR technology with an objective to reduce the site's footprint by avoiding the need for secondary clarifiers.

In addition to this, the technology enables the facility to meet future nutrient removal and water reuse standards.

Owned and operated by the South Valley sewer district, the facility's current capacity can treat 15 million gallons a day and can be expanded to a significant capacity of 30 million gallons a day to meet the community's growing demands in future.

About 108 square miles of south Salt Lake County and north Utah County is covered by the South Valley Sewer District's wastewater collection and treatment service.

GE claimed that its ZeeWeed 500 technology with hollow-fibre membranes can separate particles, bacteria and viruses from water or wastewater.

In the process of ultrafiltration, a semi-permeable membrane barrier is used to reject suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins and other pathogens in water to produce treated water.

GE Power & Water general manager, engineered systems, water and process technologies Yuvbir Singh said that the ZeeWeed technology would help Jordan Basin facility expand business further and experience the benefits for many years to come.

"By using GE's ZeeWeed technology, the facility also will be able to treat wastewater that will be clean enough to be discharged, meeting stringent regulatory standards," added Singh.