Global Water Technologies, BAMI-I join forces to test new water-saving solutions

Global Water Technologies has paired up with BAMI-I to better manage water infrastructure in US and prevent water leakage.

US-based full service water treatment company Global Water Technologies has collaborated with Buried Asset Management Institute International (BAMI-I), to test new systems for aging water infrastructure in the US.

The company is introducing a new patented system from Europe that is equipped with multi-parameter sensors and software, which will help the company and other water utilities to reduce water loss in drinking water systems.

Water loss is an important issue in the US, which is losing over 20% of water due to aging water infrastructure such as underground pipes.

Global Water Technologies is looking out for municipal and financial partners for a pilot project to demonstrate the benefits of the new technology, which can detect water leakage at an early stage and reduce water main breaks.

Global Water Technologies CEO Erik Hromadka said it is essential for cities to improve water infrastructures.

"This requires new ideas and collaboration among water utilities, community leaders, research universities and innovative companies," Hromadka added.

Apart from the loss of water, broken and leaking pipes also results in daily water mains breaks, causing extensive damage and disruption for businesses.

BAMI-I will also help the owners of underground water facilities to connect with industry and researchers, in order to evaluate and develop buried asset management protocols that benefit ratepayers and other stakeholders.

In addition, the institute will help the owners to maximise asset lifecycle value, improve environment, protect public health, sustain economic development, and improve quality of life.

Image: Global Water Technologies and BAMI-I have joined forces to better manage water infrastructure in the US. Photo: FASTILY.