Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan to build wastewater project in Langham

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan province have agreed to support the wastewater project in the town of Langham.

Langham, which is closely located to the Saskatoon, is experiencing an increasing demand for growth – both residential and commercial.

To meet this growing demand, a new wastewater lagoon will be built that will enhance the reliability and capacity of the Town's wastewater system and allow it to accommodate an increase in population and new economic development.

This new project will also address the local environmental concerns by protecting the surrounding soil and groundwater at the new lagoon site from wastewater contaminants.

Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale said: “The Government of Canada is committed to investing in modern infrastructure that meets the needs of our communities, supports the middle class, and ensures that Canada will remain the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family.

“This important investment in Langham will protect the local environment, provide reliable wastewater services for the community's residents, and support population growth and business development in the area.”

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are each contributing approximately C$1.9m ($1.4m) for this project through the New Building Canada Fund's Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component-National Regional Projects.

Langham town will be responsible for all remaining costs. The total project cost is approximately C$6m ($4.6m)

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan intend to protect the province's waterways and preserve its ecosystems, through modern and efficient water and wastewater systems that meet the capacity needs of communities.