H2O Innovation bags three wastewater treatment contracts

H2O Innovation was awarded new contracts including three wastewater treatment contracts in Canada - two in Alberta and one in Quebec that also incorporates a five-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contract.

These new contracts, using the flexMBRTM technology, will bring the corporation’s projects sales backlog to $48.9 M, included in the $105.1 M consolidated backlog (combining projects and O&M contracts).

The first contract comprises a wastewater treatment system using a customised containerised membrane bioreactor, designed on the flexMBRTM platform, and sludge dewatering solutions for a waste management company located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

This system will treat up to 0.2 MGD per day of several workers camps wastewater which will be hauled to the new system for advanced treatment.

This project is claimed to be the first of its kind in Alberta and will be installed within the reserve of Fort MacKay First Nation, where the local company will own and operate the system.

The system owner will then recycle the composted biosolids for land reclamation projects in the region.

H2O Innovation’s flexMBRTM technology will offer its owner with complete flexibility to choose between multiple membrane products for the same system.

The owners will be able to choose which membrane to use for replacement in a competitive bid to reduce costs.

It will also enable the owner to take advantage of new membrane products that will become available in the future.

The two other projects are membrane bioreactors (MBR) servicing private developers.

The second project in Alberta will also include the flexMBRTM design and will feature ceramic flat sheet membranes.

For the project in Quebec, the corporation has been awarded the design and construction of the system in addition to a five-year operation and maintenance contract.

H2O Innovation director system sales Canada Ryan Waldie said: "We are excited about the instantaneous uptake by our customers of our flexible approach to MBRs as well as leveraging the services of our new operation and maintenance team.

"We look forward to the continued development of a longstanding and trusting relationship we can all grow from over the coming years."