Hawaii water utility selects Innovyze’s smart water network technology

The satellite image of Hawaiian island Oahu.

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS), the largest water utility in the US state of Hawaii, has selected Innovyze's smart water network technology to make the best use of the O'ahu island's municipal water resources and distribution system.

BWS has selected the company's InfoWater network modelling technology that deals with all aspects of water distribution system management, optimisation and protection.

InfoWater technology provides relevant data to help various departments of an enterprise to make real-time operations decision and support business processes.

Honolulu Board of Water Supply deputy manager and chief engineer Ellen Hirayama said the utility selected the technology based on its ability to deal with all the areas of its operations and infrastructure and due to its cost-effectiveness.

"InfoWater not only enables us to better manage our vast hydraulic network, but also helps us ensure that we maintain the highest level of water quality and service to our many customers," Hirayama added.

Innovyze vice president and Americas business director J Erick Heath said, "We are so pleased that InfoWater is the software solution for the BWS and are committed to assisting them in meeting the needs of the people of O'ahu."

InfoWater, built on ArcGIS, uses the most advanced numerical computation and object-component geospatial technologies, reads GIS information and other essential utility systems, and corrects network topology issues and data flaws.

The technology also obtains relevant modelling information; and automatically constructs, skeletonises, loads, calibrates and generates optimised solutions at a faster speed, resulting in better reliability, functionality, scalability and flexibility within ArcGIS environment.

BWS manages a water system with 94 active potable water sources, 170 reservoirs, and nearly 3,379km of water pipelines to provide about 150 million gallons of safe drinking water a day to more than one million residents of the island.

Image: The satellite image of Hawaiian island Oahu. Photo: Courtesy of NASA.