Innovyze releases updated IWLive Pro software to aid utility decision-making

Wet infrastructure business analytics software provider Innovyze has launched its updated IWLive Pro software to support utility decision-making.

The new software will replace Innovyze’s IWLive software which will meanwhile continue supporting customers until the end of this year.

The IWLive Pro is powered with 64-bit performance, enabling fast and an accurate forecasting of water supply and distribution system hydraulics and water quality in real time.

It allows continuous update of network models with live operational data to achieve optimised targets related to pressure, leakage, energy, carbon footprint, and water quality and demand management.

The IWLive Pro interface enables viewing of all water infrastructures map, including background maps with highlighted color coding indicating problem area.

The map graphically displays development of the problem, while graphs show simulated pressures and reservoir levels. IWLive Pro can then be remotely accessed over a VPN, and configured to issue critical warning messages through SMS or email.

The software can also be directly accessed with SCADAWatch, allowing utilities to monitor everything from uptime to analytics; improve pressure and leakage management; instantly compute non-revenue water and thereby optimise business performance.

It is updated with enhancements such as rapid navigation for address via search engine such as Google, Bing or OpenStreetMap; expanded modelling control; improved model validation; faster solution algorithms; and more powerful post-processing which minimise time and effort required in addressing complex modeling issues related with water network operations and management.

Innovyze president, COO and chief innovation officer Paul Boulos said: “IWLive Pro represents a quantum leap in the art and science of real-time water distribution systems modeling.

“It is poised to dominate this important industry for the next decade and beyond. Users of IWLive can now fully leverage the increased power, flexibility, usability and cutting-edge feature set of IWLive Pro, along with ground breaking gains in speed, to easily generate optimized solutions as quickly as possible.”