Innovyze software chosen by water agency in California to improve efficiency

Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) in California, US, has chosen SCADAWatch, software solution to support network modelling applications and critical monitoring in real time.

Castaic Lake Water Agency is a public water wholesaler in Santa Clarita Valley and it receives water imported from northern California and Kern County through California Aqueduct. CLWA operates three large treatment plants, three large pump stations, three water storage facilities and more than 45 miles of large diameter transmission pipelines that delivers water to four local water retailers.

According to Innovyze, the software solution can improve the agency’s real time business intelligence and it can enable in instant determination of water and energy usage and can monitor everything from uptime to analytics. It also provides users with access to timely information by integrating different data platforms

With SCADAWatch in place, CLWA can improve and consolidate its hydraulic and water quality modelling. Apart from this, the users can create, view and analyse reports in real time on information-rich business dashboard, which can be fully customised to their needs and specifications.

These dashboards enable employees in monitoring everything from uptime to analytics 24/7, obtain visibility of asset performance and compare it with historical performance. All of this data can be accessed for making better decisions, share important and critical information across all functions and departments and can also be used in identifying opportunities and processes where efficiency can be increased.

CLWA principal engineer Jason Yim said: “SCADAWatch consolidates operational system distribution data on a single comprehensive dashboard, giving us faster real-time visualization of our water system performance.

“It allows us to receive real-time warnings of network performance problems; gauge loss of system hydraulics, water quality and physical integrity; spot other operational conditions; understand the impact of various actions; and gain insight and drive operational improvements.”

According to Innovyze, the software solution can not only increase performance, but can also decrease inefficiencies and reduce operational costs and risk and improve business responsiveness.

Innovyze president, chief operating officer and chief innovation officer Paul F. Boulos said: “By choosing SCADAWatch, the state of the art in our industry, CLWA has demonstrated its commitment to leveraging cutting edge technology to best serve its customers.                                                                                  

“The software provides CLWA with an actionable “intelligence X-ray” that helps them continuously monitor their water systems’ vital signs, spot patterns and deficiencies, act quickly and proactively, plan ahead, optimize operations and water management strategies, and improve efficiency measures and customer service.