Los Angeles completes Terminal Island Water Reclamation plant expansion

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has completed expansion of the Terminal Island Water Reclamation plant.

The $50m expansion is expected to double the plant's capacity to recycle water from the current six million gallons, resulting in saving of more than 12 million gallons of potable water every day.

LADWP chief operating officer Martin Adams said: “The use of recycled water is crucial to LADWP’s local water supply strategy.

“Coupled with stormwater capture, conservation and groundwater replenishment, recycled water is key to our growing city’s sustainable water future.

"The expansion of the Terminal Island Water Treatment Plant will help us to reach more business and commercial customers with this valuable resource in the Harbor area.”

The additional water treated by the plant will be used to recharge the Dominguez Gap Barrier, which creates a buffer to prevent ocean water from seeping into groundwater aquifers along the coast.

The department will also irrigate Harbor Golf Course, helping meet the city's short-term goal of converting 85% of the golf course acreage to recycled water use.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has also initiated additional water recycling projects such as the expansion of Donald Tillman Water Reclamation plant to recharge the San Fernando Valley aquifer and new recycling capacity at the Hyperion treatment plant.