Lakeview Water Treatment Plant in Ontario optimises timing of system upgrades

The region of Peel in Ontario, Canada has optimised the timing of its system upgrade with new membranes to ensure continued drinking water safety and reliability for its residents.

For this, the region of Peel has used GE’s Water & Process Technologies’ asset performance management solution.

The unique membrane cassette refurbishment programme will save the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant over C$1.5m ($1.1m) while minimising environmental impact.

Peel water and wastewater executive director Andrew Farr said: “Water quality is one of our highest priorities, and we look forward to continuing to provide a clean, reliable drinking water supply for our residents thanks to GE’s technology and partnership.

“Water & Process Technologies has been a constant partner for us at the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant and throughout its subsequent expansions, as well as other projects throughout the region.”

By working together, Peel and GE Water & Process Technologies have determined the optimal replacement timing for membranes in each section of the plant using the InSight asset performance management (APM) platform.

Equipped with the data generated from InSight, which identified the remaining useful life of its membranes plantwide, Peel decided to upgrade the Lakeview plant to the latest ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration membrane technology in two phases and will improve membrane permeability and generate additional energy savings. This will enable the plant to meet its expected life cycle costs and performance targets.

GE Water & Process Technologies engineered systems global leader Kevin Cassidy said: “Water & Process Technologies is constantly looking to maximize value for our customers through our innovative membrane technologies and lifecycle services programs.

“Our digital solutions, including the InSight APM tool, allow us to take that one step further by shifting to a more proactive approach.

“We look forward to a continued partnership with the Region of Peel and helping to meet their ongoing needs.”


Image: GE technology helps Lakeview Water Treatment Plant in Ontario. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.