Nalco Water introduces water safety programme for hospitals

Ecolab company Nalco Water has introduced a water safety programme to help hospitals and long-term care facilities meet new requirements to reduce the risk of bacterium Legionella.

The latest comprehensive programme will help streamline the process to meet the current Survey and Certification (S&C) 17-30 requirements established by the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Legionnaires’ disease can occur in people who inhale aerosolised droplets of water contaminated with Legionella.

Nalco Water global light industries and water services executive vice-president and general manager Michael Johannsen said: “Healthcare providers are seeking a complete solution to meet the new S&C 17-30 requirements.

“Our water safety programme for healthcare is designed to simplify the process to meet the standard and ensure ongoing compliance.”

Nalco Water’s safety programme streamlines management of water safety risk across multiple sites.

It includes a professional risk assessment, development of an ASHRAE-188 compliant water safety plan, training, sampling and testing services, as well as an on-site emergency response plan.

The programme complements Ecolab’s broader healthcare programmes focused on the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and driving operational efficiency in hospitals.

Nalco Water is a charter member of the CDC-Elite proficiency programme and conducts more than 80,000 Legionella tests annually.