New Jersey American Water to install new water mains in Rumson and Sea Bright

New Jersey American Water is planning to invest around $2.5m to install new water mains within Rumson and under the Shrewsbury River in Rumson and Sea Bright. 

This project comprises installation of around 1,950ft of 16-inch high-density polyethylene pipe, which will lay about 47ft under the bottom of the Shrewsbury River.

New Jersey American Water is working with Inter-Con Construction and J. F. Kiely Construction of Long Branch, New Jersey, for the completion of the direction drilling for installation of new pipe under the river.

This new main will replace the aging prestressed concrete cylinder water main, which was initially installed in the 1950s, as part of an effort to reduce the risk of failure, due to its age and condition.  

The project is also being coordinated with a new gas distribution main project with New Jersey Natural Gas.

Coastal regional superintendent George Bauer said: “The new water main is critical and this capital investment will help ensure continued service during severe weather or other significant events.

“By working closely with the two townships, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers, we are able to complete these significant infrastructure improvements in a timely, efficient manner.”

Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl said: “It is gratifying to see our water company and gas company work together to complete this critical improvement project that will help ensure continued reliability for our communities for many years to come.

“Thanks to their efforts and the cooperation of our towns, this project is being completed with minimal disruption to our residents.”

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long said: “While we hope to never again experience another massive storm like Hurricane Sandy, we are all committed to doing everything we can to safeguard our communities from severe damage and loss of utility service should something like this happen again.

"That’s what this project is about – helping our residents weather the next storm and keeping our homes and communities sustainable now and in the future.” 

The project commenced in March and runs along Rumson Road from Waterman Avenue in Rumson to Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright.

Additionally, 600ft of mains along parts of Lincoln, Packer and Washington Avenues in Rumson will also be replaced.

Construction is expected to last a total of about six weeks. All work is expected to be completed by 21 April.