New York to invest $2bn in clean water infrastructure

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to invest $2bn in critical water infrastructure across New York State, as part of the Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017.

The investment in drinking water infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure would improve community health and wellness, and protect water resources, as well as generate employment opportunities.

Cuomo said: “Investing in water infrastructure is critical to fostering growth in our communities and our state.

 “This investment will rebuild and improve our regional infrastructure, while supporting a stronger, healthier New York for generations to come.”

The $2bn funding will be used for upgrading municipal drinking water systems, improving municipal wastewater systems, and protecting drinking water.

Funding for various water projects will also prioritise planning at regional and watershed level.

The funds will be used to advance municipal drinking water system by installing new treatment and filtration systems and upgrading aging distribution and treatment systems.

Further improvements will include installation of advanced wastewater treatment systems, and upgrade of aging wastewater treatment plants to increase capacity.

In the Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017, the government has given importance to protection of water sources, by taking necessary steps such as implementing recommendations of community-driven Source Water Protection Plans funded by the Environmental Protection Fund beginning in 2017-2018.

The other steps include conservation of open spaces and building green infrastructure, such as constructed wetlands, to capture runoff and filter contaminants.

Image: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed the Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017. Photo: courtesy of New York State Government.