New York City gets financial support to repair wastewater facilities post-Sandy

The New York City, US will use the released funds to repair damage caused to the wastewater facilities during the super storm Sandy

New York City (NYC) has received $22.8m in financial aid to repair the city's wastewater treatment facilities that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy, which affected areas across the east coast of the US.

The financial aid has been released from an escrow account funded by NYC under the terms of enforcement agreements with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

New York Governor Andrew M Cuomo said the state is continuously finding ways to support its residents after the devastating storm.

"With the release of these funds, New York City will be better able to continue to repair damaged wastewater facilities and help address the threat to public health and the environment caused by Hurricane Sandy," Cuomo added.

The funds were released without any delay due to the critical impacts on the city's wastewater infrastructure and to fasten the repair work on the facilities that were badly damaged and also because of the city's high compliance with the agreements.

NYC Department of Environmental Protection commissioner Carter Strickland said the release of funds will help the city bring all the systems back online as soon as possible.

"Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff, we have made major repairs to the damage Sandy caused at our wastewater treatment facilities and we are already treating wastewater at 13 of our 14 plants," Strickland added.

Image: New York City, US, has recieved funds to repair damage caused to wastewater facilities during Hurricane Sandy. Photo: USDA