OriginClear agrees to target 2.8 million small and medium enterprises in Thailand

Water treatment solutions provider OriginClear has agreed to address Thailand’s long-term water crisis by directly targeting 2.8 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

OriginClear Thailand, a planned joint venture (JV), intends to access up to 13,000 factories with its major Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation technology in order help resolve the country's long-term water crisis.

OriginClear Technologies Division president Jean Louis Kindler said: “This is a new approach to entering a country, working through the SMEs and the factories they control and work with.

“If this is successful it could become a model for entering more countries with our licensable technology.”

OriginClear Thailand comprises OriginClear, the Federation of Thai SME Association and Marathon Intertrade, a marketing company that provides water treatment solutions.

Marathon Intertrade managing director Kanphong Lorpipat said: “Thanks to our planned partnership with OriginClear, we believe we will be able to combine its process with our own complementary technology, to address many more needs.

“The 2.8 million SMEs we serve directly are in top target industries including energy management, sugar and ethanol, food, drinking water, aquaculture, and agriculture. These businesses need help to meet Thailand 4.0 goals.”

The JV partners have defined a schedule for execution of the definitive agreement and other binding documents.