OriginClear and PaveDrain win China BlueTech Awards 2016

US water companies OriginClear and PaveDrain have received China BlueTech Awards this year for water technology innovation and market readiness.

Based in Los Angeles, OriginClear is an industrial wastewater treatment firm and Milwaukee-based PaveDrain is a stormwater management company.

OriginClear has won the award for its advanced water cleanup technology, Electro-Water Separation (EWS).

Based on electrochemistry, EWS can either be integrated as an add-on to existing water treatment sites in China or built as a standalone process flow to tackle recalcitrant type of pollutants.

OriginClear president Jean-Louis Kindler said: "Winning this award is a strong endorsement and recognition of the attractiveness of our solution for the industrial wastewater treatment market in China."

The PaveDrain system has been developed to allow stormwater runoff from streets, roads, roofs and parking lots to quickly infiltrate into the ground, thus reducing stress on the sewer systems.

Following more than three years of research and development in North America, PaveDrain is in line with China's Sponge City initiative to bring its infiltration system to the country.

PaveDrain CEO Doug Buch said: "We had been looking for a way to demonstrate our solution to prospective Chinese partners, and the China BlueTech Awards represented exactly the right channel to accomplish this.

"We would like to thank the organizers, judges and sponsors for their time, and dedication to accelerating the path to market in China for international water technologies."

The awards event was co-organised by Mandarin Environmental and BlueTech Research.

Nearly 30 water and wastewater technology companies from Europe, Israel, and North America competed for the awards.