OriginClear develops latest EWS:AOx system to supply clean water


Water treatment solutions provider OriginClear has developed and tested advanced oxidation (AOx) for its water-cleaning system, Electro Water Separation (EWS).

As revealed in laboratory tests, EWS with AOx can facilitate the removal of dissolved contaminants from water, an otherwise difficult procedure without chemicals such as chlorine.

OriginClear Technologies president Jean-Louis Kindler said: "We are now addressing more complex and challenging contaminants, particularly in China.

"Adding advanced oxidation to our existing process is attractive in these markets. The expected treatment cost in most cases is below $1 per treated ton of water."

OriginClear and the California State University at Bakersfield assessed the the effectiveness of EWS:AOx using reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation.

The presence of ROS, which is the strongest oxidant that can be used in water, shows the degree to which the system is capable of removing organics from water without using the harmful chlorine-generated Disinfection Byproducts.

CSU Bakersfield Department of Physics and Engineering assistant professor Dr Luis Edgar Cabrales Arriaga said: "EWS already generates 370mg per second of gas, which is more than twice the amount needed for the removal by electro-flotation of a 2000mg/l solids contents wastewater stream.

"Now, we have confirmed that EWS with Advanced Oxidation also produces more than 330g/m3 of mixed ROS species, such as hydrogen peroxide, for a similar average energy consumption of 1kWh per m3 of treated water."

"We've found that EWS:AOx delivers twice the functions in one system, for equivalent energy inputs."

EWS includes electro-oxidation (EO) that is generated through two hardware phases of the system, namely electro-coagulation (EC) and electro-flotation (EF).

OriginClear co-founder and inventor Nicholas Eckelberry said: "EWS removes the oils and suspended organics that tend to clog up wastewater filters.

"Our technology can also treat dissolved organics, such as ammonia, phosphorus and hydrogen sulfide, which are difficult to remove.

"We've found that EWS:AOx delivers twice the functions in one system, for equivalent energy inputs."

Image: OriginClear's EWS:AOx system can remove dissolved contaminants from water. Photo: courtesy of OriginClear.