Osmoflo and Cooper Brewery extend water treatment contract

Australia-based desalination and water treatment firm Osmoflo and Coopers Brewery have extended their existing build-own-operate (BOO) agreement for water supply.

Under the renewed contract, Osmoflo will provide water treatment services for additional ten years at Coopers Brewery’s Regency Park location.

The firms initially entered into a partnership in 2001 following which Osmoflo suppled a 1.5MLD water treatment plant.

The capacity was later increased to 3MLD in 2007 due to the business expansion and enhanced water supply requirements of Coopers.

For similar reasons, Osmoflo will now upgrade the water treatment capacity of the plant to 4.5MLD with renovation and addition of a new RO train.

Osmoflo sales general manager Ajay Jaggi said: “Building on an existing 17 years of water supply service, Coopers is showing great trust in Osmoflo’s capabilities; that we will successfully maintain, operate and deliver their water treatment requirements for another ten years, at least.”

As per the extended BOO agreement, Osmoflo will continue to own and operate the plant and will also provide a water source and cost savings.

The firm holds a part of the reject water from the RO plant in tanks and mixes it with rainwater, which is then used for onsite irrigation, resulting in cost savings.

Currently, Osmoflo owns and operates six water treatment plants across mining, power supply, oil and gas and food & beverage sectors. It also provides water treatment solutions during temporary or emergency requirements.