Osmoflo to offer emergency desalination plants to South Africa

Osmoflo has recently signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Murray & Roberts Water to provide emergency desalination plants to the South African market.

Osmoflo has several emergency water treatment equipment, right from sea water and brackish water desalination plants, filtration, wastewater and chemical dosing plants, as well as other ancillary plant to support any emergency water requirement.

These plants are strategically located to service a global market and to ensure rapid deployment, especially for fast track projects.

Osmoflo rental manager Bobby Watson said: “We are aware of the dire situation facing some municipalities in South Africa.

"Through our global fleet of water treatment plants, we have the equipment available to provide immediate potable water assistance.

"Our agreement with Murray & Roberts Water ensures that a credible partner is able to offer these water treatment options to potential clients as a turnkey solution, with local accountability.”

Currently, Osmoflo plants are offered to Cape Town and other municipalities within South Africa.

Given the quick capability to offer four 7,000m3/day sea water desalination plants, there is the potential to provide potable water to approximately 40,000 people daily within drought stricken areas of the country.

With this agreement, Osmoflo will also offer similar solutions to the South African mining sector.

Among these solutions include Osmoflo’s patented Brine Squeezer technology, which provides high recovery mine water treatment and can be used on acid mine drainage treatment applications.