Orlando Utilities Commission selects Elster’s advanced meters in US

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), a municipal utility in the city of Orlando, Florida, US, has selected US-based metering services provider Elster's EnergyAxis to complete its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

EnergyAxis is a two-way communication system for electric, water and gas meters.

The OUC is planning to use Elster's EnergyAxis to completely convert the existing meter network into a new digital meter network.

The new AMI system will enable the utility to set up a platform to provide a web portal for its 225,000 customers, who can better monitor and manage their consumption of water and electricity.

OUC Customer and Sustainable Services vice president Byron Knibbs said the utility worked with the company during the deployment of its AMI system, which aims at improving its customer services.

"Meeting the changing needs of our electric and water customers and getting them the information they need to make informed decisions about their consumption are our top priorities," Knibbs added.

With the deployment of EnergyAxis systems, the utility is expecting to better administer its outage management and distribution grid monitoring and control.

Elster Solutions president Ed Myszka said the company's metering equipments help utilities gain vital information to improve customer service.

"As a long-term Elster partner and an early adopter of EnergyAxis, OUC demonstrates the drive of many municipal utilities to deploy innovative smart grid technologies that can enhance services to its customers," Myszka added.

The utility will also use the AMI system to support its new rate structures including pre-pay and eventually time-of-use programmes.