Port Huron city seeks council consent for wastewater plant upgrade programme

The Port Huron Department of Public Works (DPW) is seeking approval from its city council to commence nearly $700,000 of upgrade work over a wastewater treatment plant.

City Manager Bruce Brown is suggesting the city council approve a bid of $697,552.49 submitted by Boddy Construction, which was the lowest bidder for the project.

The project will enable the facility to pump excess sewage flow into a retention basin while preventing overflows into the river, Thetimesherald.com cited City engineer Bob Clegg as a saying.

Intended to maintain excess flow from the sanitary sewer system, the project forms part of the city's sewer separation efforts and is said not to have any impact on the combined sewer overflows.

Work under the sewer separation project involves redesigning the plumbing at the plant to collect the excess flow for subsequent treatment in the retention basin, which can accommodate up to 5.4 million gallons of wastewater.

"We have something called a shop drawing, which the company will complete and submit to our engineers to review to make sure the parts are going to operate as they are supposed to," Clegg added.

Following the completion of a review, the company will commence the manufacturing phase of the work to meet the shop drawing specifications.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.