Quest Water Global signs MoU to build atmospheric water bottling plant in Cuba

Quest Water Global, a water technology company, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build and operate a commercial water bottling facility in Havana, Cuba, by utilising atmospheric water as the source.

The atmospheric water bottling facility will obtain its water source through the extraction of atmospheric humidity.

The facility will commence with an output capacity of 1.1 million liters of water per month.

Quest Water CEO and president John Balanko said: "The conditions in Cuba are ideal for a commercial atmospheric water bottling facility.

"The atmospheric humidity in the country is predictable and we believe that clean water can be harvested in large quantities on a consistent basis from ambient air at the proposed plant."

This water bottling operation will be a joint venture (JV) between Quest Water Global, Euroven Financial Group (Euroven), a syndicate of individuals, and atmospheric clean water pioneer Thomas W. Angell.

Euroven will offer the funding capacity and ability to expand the business model, while Angell will bring his expertise of delivering clean water solutions to water scarce regions. 

Quest Water will offer access to, and maintenance of its proprietary WEPS technology.

The planned facility's bottling equipment will enable to commence operations with a production rate estimated at approximately 12,000 bottles per hour in the 500ml format.