Scottish Water to upgrade 46km of water pipeline in West Lothian

Scottish Water is set to upgrade 46km of drinking water pipes in West Lothian, Scotland.

The £2.3m project, which will be carried out, is expected to benefit Broxburn, Armadale and Blackburn communities.

Some parts of water main will be replaced with new pipes while others will be flushed to remove any deposits built up over time.

Other sections will be coated in a special plastic PU-lining to improve water flow and prevent corrosion.

This upgrade is a part of the company's six year investment programme between 2015 and 2021 worth around £3.5bn. The programme focuses on sustainence of services for customers across Scotland.

West Lothian community team manager Bill Elliott said: “The quality of drinking water received by our customers has never been higher.

"These essential improvement works are a key part of our commitment to ensuring customers continue to receive the benefits of the clearest, freshest drinking water.

“Water mains can vary in age and that’s why the upgrading or replacement of these essential supply pipes is vital to maintain quality service. We thank customers and commuters for their patience while we deliver the project.”