Siemens to sell water purification and wastewater treatment unit

Germany-based Siemens has decided to sell its Siemens Water Technologies business unit, which develops water purification and wastewater treatment solutions for municipals and industries.

The company has taken this decision to focus more on automation and develop solutions for the control of water applications in future.

Siemens Water Technologies, which has recently undergone a complete restructure, has a strong presence in the North American market with its different biological, chemical, and mechanical methods for treatment of water and wastewater.

The unit's own research centre in Singapore includes an exclusive and energy-efficient technique for electrochemical desalination of sea water.

Member of the Siemens AG Managing Board and CEO of the industry sector, Siegfried Russwurm, said, "This business shows only minor synergies with our industrial portfolio, as the skills for water treatment are primarily based on chemical expertise. Instead of investing into that business, we want to gear our resources toward our core portfolio."

Siemens Industry Automation, part of the Industrial Automation Systems Business Unit, will continue to operate the business with solutions targeted at control, management, and instrumentation of water processes, according to the company.

Commenting on the proposed restructuring plans, Siemens Industry Automation Division CEO Anton S. Huber said that the company plans to concentrate on water business solutions alongside electrical engineering where it has exposure.

"These are in the automation and drive technology used to operate waterworks and sewage plants as well as seawater desalination plants."

Siemens Water Technologies employs about 4,500 people globally, of whom 3,000 are located in North America.