Singapore's national water agency opens request for proposals to develop water technologies

Singapore's national water agency PUB has opened request for proposals (RFP) to solicit new ideas, and develop and translate water technologies under the Competitive Research Programme (Water).

As per this RFP, up to S$25m from the National Research Foundation (NRF) could be allocated to fund basic and applied research projects under two tracks.

This is in sync with efforts to develop water technologies and grow the water industry.   

In the first track, applicants can submit proposals for funding of new ideas and technologies that can meet the goals of increasing water resources, improving water quality and security, and reducing production cost.  

The second track is intended to speed up commercialisation and export of water technologies. Under this track, PUB will accept proposals for funding to push ongoing research into commercial solutions through technology scale-up and validation under real operational conditions.  

Technology providers, in partnership with researchers, can apply for funding on a list of 17 research projects in areas of: (i) water treatment, seawater desalination and reuse; (ii) used water treatment processes for resource recovery; (iii) industrial water solutions; and (iv) water quality monitoring.

These projects will have to be commercialised within the next five years.

PUB chief engineering and technology officer Harry Seah said: "PUB is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that will improve the efficiency of water treatment, and ensure a robust and secure supply of water.

"Through this RFP, we hope to discover and develop new and groundbreaking technologies that can keep our water supply sustainable and affordable."