Southern Delivery System begins supplying water to Colorado Springs


Southern Delivery System (SDS), a water infrastructure project, has commenced supplying water to Colorado Springs, the second largest city of Colorado state in the US.

This commercial operation of the project ends several decades of planning as well as almost six years of construction.

Its construction commenced in 2010 and concluded in 2016.

The SDS project involved development of 50 miles of pipeline, three raw water pump stations, a water treatment plant, as well as a water pump station.

In the first phase, it will supply up to 50 million gallons of water per day.

Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte was quoted by as saying: "SDS is one of the most important projects many of us will ever work on.
"This is a legacy project - one that benefits so many people today, tomorrow and for generations to come. This is an amazing day for our organization and for southern Colorado."

The SDS project is expected to meet the water requirements of Colorado Springs and its project partners Fountain, Security and Pueblo West till 2040.

SDS began on time as well as cost $825m, much below the initial expectation of $1bn.

SDS programme director John Fredell was quoted by the website as saying: "On time and under budget are words rarely used to describe large infrastructure projects.

"We adopted a philosophy that 'these are ratepayer dollars' and managed the project with exceptional rigor. It was the responsible approach to spending hundreds of millions of dollars of public money."

Image: SDS starts supplying water to Colorado Springs. Photo: courtesy of Colorado Springs Utilities.