Suez to extend wastewater treatment plant in Panama City

French utility company Suez has secured a contract worth about €195m from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama (MINSA) to extend and operate the Juan Diaz wastewater treatment plant in the city.

The first phase of the plant was built by the firm in 2009 and has been operational since 2011.

Under the new three-year construction phase contract, which commenced last month, the plant’s capacity will be doubled to 475,000 m3/day and will be operated by Suez for eight years.

Suez Latin America business unit CEO Ana Giros said: "We are proud to support the City of Panama in the development of a responsible water policy.

“The group’s expertise and know-how in water treatment will contribute to the preservation of resources and the region’s attractiveness.”

The extension is a part of the Ministry of Health’s ‘Sanitation of the City and the Bay of Panama’ programme that aims to protect the natural environment and meet urban population’s increasing needs of 2% every year.

Upon completion of the latest construction, the plant will have a water treatment line and a sludge treatment line for anaerobic digestion and dehydration, and is expected to treat the wastewater of two million equivalents-inhabitants.

The utility firm intends to use its Clarificators SLG, Digelis Simplex, Digelis Turbo and Drainis Turbo technologies to enhance the plant’s energy self-sufficiency by recovering sewage sludge into biogas, which can be used for electricity production.

Image: Panama City’s Juan Diaz wastewater treatment plant. Photo: courtesy of Suez.