Sumitomo acquires UK water supply company Sutton & East Surrey Water

Map indicating the supply area of Sutton & East Surrey Water in England

Japan-based Sumitomo has acquired England's water supply and distribution company Sutton & East Surrey Water (SESW), by owning 100% share capital of East Surrey Holdings.

The acquisition of SESW was completed as a part of Sumitomo's strategy to become a major player in building and investing in water infrastructure.

Sumitomo will operate and manage the company and is expected to improve the service quality based on its extensive experience in the water sector.

SESW supplies potable water to the residential and business customers of East Surrey, west Kent, and south London areas including Gatwick Airport.

The company serves about 655,000 customers, covering a total area of 835kmĀ² via a network of 3,445km of water mains, 38 pumping stations, 35 service reservoirs and water towers, and eight treatment works.

The water concession business of the company takes care of the operations, maintenance, management, and capital investment related to the water supply infrastructure.

SESW is also responsible for the water concession business activities including abstraction, treatment, distribution of water, billing, collection and customer service.

With a growing population across the world the water utilities market is expected to flourish, and Sumitomo is seeking to further harness potential opportunities in water concessions.

The company is also focusing on build-own-operate-transfer and build-own-operate based water business in wastewater treatment desalination sectors in Asia, US, China and the Middle East.

Image: MAp showing the supply area of Sutton & East Surrey Water in England. Photo: Courtesy of Sumitomo.