Value Life Sciences launches advanced water purification device in Nigeria

water purification device

Value Life Sciences (VLS) has introduced an advanced water purification and storage system, Acqua 1, into the Nigerian market.

The new device, which uses biological solar technology, offers a 30% improvement on conventional water purification methods and is straightforward to operate.

VLS chairman Alfred Spinnler told that the company's objective behind launching this device is to provide good quality water to Nigerian people with the help of scientific approaches and proven technologies.

"Simply stick Acqua 1 on a transparent glass container or PET bottle with the inscription visible. Fill water into the container and expose to daylight, not necessarily direct sunlight," Spinnler said.

"Approximately 30 minutes afterwards, air bubbles begin to form on the walls of the container indication the beginning of the purification process. One chip purifies 10l of water in 30 minutes. Larger volumes require correspondingly higher number of units," Spinnler added.

Most diseases and newborn deaths recorded in the country can be traced to water infections.

"The new device offers a 30% improvement on conventional water purification methods."

The solar technology used in the device is based on a chip that features the latest scientific knowledge that allows water to regain its original cluster structures.

"Acqua 1 does not kill viruses or bacteria, but helps restore the basic structure of water molecules to correspond to natural water quality while increasing the oxygen content," Spinnler noted.

The new solution is also believed to make minerals in water more easily available for absorption.

Image: VLS has launched Acqua 1, an advanced water purification and storage system, in Nigeria. Photo: courtesy of Ttox.