VANZ signs water treatment plant agreement with Springvale

Veolia Australia and New Zealand(VANZ), a global resource management firm, has signed an agreement with Springvale Joint Venture and EnergyAustralia to deliver Springvale Mount Piper Power Station water treatment plant (Springvale WTP) in Australia.

The project, expected to complete by mid-2019, is being funded as part of a partnership with Australian infrastructure fund manager Infrastructure Capital Group.

The plant will be built under a design, build, own, operate and transfer contract.

Upon completion, VANZ will undertake the maintenance and operation of the pipeline and treatment facility for a period of over 15 years.

The Mount Piper Power Station provides 15% of New South Wales’ power generated from the coal produced by Springvale Mine located in Lithgow, New South Wales.

The proposed project will treat the mine water and deliver water to the power station ensuring environmental and operational compliance in relation to water outflows thereby enabling continued operations of both the sites.

Additionally, it includes the construction of a 16km water pipeline connecting the two sites and the implementation of a brine treatment eliminating liquid discharge.

The construction begins with immediate effect with the commencement of preliminary activities.

The project generates several employment opportunities in the region with A$400m ($305m) of revenue for VANZ in the upcoming 17 years.

VANZ managing director Doug Dean said: “Veolia’s expertise in water treatment, as well as our strong presence in mining and infrastructure, has given both the Springvale Joint Venture and EnergyAustralia the confidence to award this 15-year water infrastructure contract to Veolia, which is so important to NSW’s power supply and provides an environmental outcome that can guarantee the mine’s future.”

VANZ is an environmental and resource recovery solutions provider operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Springvale Joint Venture is joint venture between Centennial Springvale and Springvale SK Kores.

Located in Australia, EnergyAustralia is an energy provider, serving residential and business customers.