Veolia partners with Business Stream to develop retail water market in UK

Resource management firm Veolia has partnered with Scottish Water's Business Stream to grow retail water market in the UK.

This partnership will combine Veolia’s innovation and engineering expertise across water, waste and energy with Business Stream’s retailing experience and market presence to provide a holistic approach to resource management, a reduced carbon footprint and cost savings business customers.

Veolia UK Municipal Water & Ireland chief operating officer John Abraham said: “Opening up the water retail market to competition offers industrial and commercial customers an opportunity to benefit from the innovation and resource efficiency Veolia and Business Stream create.

"This partnership with Business Stream will provide clear long term benefits to customers as together we can provide a complete retail water package which can reduce utility bills, supported by optimised on-site project engineering and operational solutions such as CHP and AD."

Business Stream chief executive Jo Dow said: "By working together, we can offer customers a compelling combination of innovative and tailored solutions to help them deliver significant savings on their water and wastewater charges, as well as helping reduce their environmental impact.”

This partnership will offer a wide range of services including guaranteed supply, water recovery, waste water treatment, compliance, and water management plans.

The services will be supported by the engineering teams and technology that can provide data systems that offer automated metre reading, energy monitoring and management service and infrastructure management.

An on-line consolidated billing facility is also expected to simplify water and waste water spend.