Vision Plasma, Waste To Energy discuss technology partnership for water treatment systems

US-based technology company Vision Plasma Systems is considering the potential of a possible collaboration with Waste To Energy Canada (WTEC) to improve the production capabilities of its wastewater treatment, water supply and water management systems.

The proposed agreement is valued at over $102m.

Under the agreement, WTEC, a Canada-based provider of integrated clean and smart waste management infrastructure, will use Vision Plasma Systems' Arc Master I to improve the efficiency of its water systems.

The two companies will combine Vision Plasma's Arc Master I remediation solution with WTEC's technologies to provide clean water and energy to tropical areas across the world, where availability of freshwater resources is lacking.

Vision Plasma Systems CEO Timothy P Volk said the possibility of providing clean water, removing dangerous waste, and generating electricity at the same time in a single cycle will have a positive impact on the environment.

"Once the first combination of our technology, coupled with the advances already in place by WTEC is recognised by the environmental community, the potential options will be limitless," Volk added.

WTEC and Vision Plasma will work on 24 water systems between 2014 and 2018 using Arc Master I, which provides remedial solutions for contaminated sludge discharges, and accumulates energy rich waste to generate electrical energy on site.

Arc Mast I unit can convert up to 5t of hazardous wastes and other matters every day into syngas, net electricity and recyclable metal ingot, without air emissions or ash from the gasification process.